Cochin International Airport is set to become the first airport not just in India but across the globe to run entirely on solar power. The airport’s 12 MW solar plant with 46,150 solar panels is spread across 45 acres of land close to its international cargo section. The project has been awarded to Bosch Ltd. and includes 1MW capacity inverters from ABB India and 265 W capacity modules from Renesola. The installation is expected to generate over 48,000 units of electricity each day which in conjunction with the existing 1.1 MW plants would generate enough electricity to meet the airport’s daily power requirements for operational functions which stands at 5000-6000 units.

The airport first took the solar path back in March 2013 when it installed a 100 kW solar rooftop plant on its Arrival Terminal block. This plant was installed by Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd. and has a total of 400 polycrystalline modules of 250 W with five 20 kW inverters. This is a grid connected system with no battery storage. It also has a 1 MW plant partly on the ground and partly on the rooftop in the aircraft hangar section. It is equipped with Delta-make string inverters. These plants are equipped with the SCADA system which carries out remote monitoring.


Source: Hindu Businessline

After being commissioned, these plants have saved over 550 MT of CO2 emissions, thus contributing towards the Cochin Airport’s constant efforts towards the minimization of environmental degradation. This has set an example for more such initiatives to take place in other states and other industries across the country, helping our environment in the long run.

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