Getting solar panels for your home is an investment you will need to give serious thought to. Once you are sure going solar is the way for you, make sure these four questions are on your checklist before you get going:

1. How much electricity do you use every day?

A typical 3000 Wp solar panel, when charged through the day, is enough to provide around 8000 watts of energy. Made up of 36 or 72 solar cells, with each cell capable of providing 0.5 volts of power, a solar panel can be customized to power the devices of your choice. Now a good first step is to get hold of your electricity bill. If you need help, websites like Bill Bachao will readily give you an analysis of your electricity bill. Get an approximate usage by device before you start with the installation.

2. How much space do you have?

The amount of space available will be crucial in deciding how much solar power you can get. To get sunlight throughout the day, it is optimal to install rooftop panels facing South. Choose the panel design wisely depending on the space.



3. What do the costs look like?

In the long run, solar power will reduce your electricity bills. However, installation will require considerable initial investment. Figure out how much you are willing to shell and plan it accordingly. Depending on the amount of energy, costs hover in the range of INR 40,000 – 6,00,000.

4. What about servicing and maintenance?

Solar panels usually last for about 25 years. While they do not require maintenance through their lives, always buy from certified panel suppliers. Always ask your dealer for a guarantee on the equipment.

With this, you are now equipped to take the first step towards getting solar panels for your home. Get in touch with us today to find out more.



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