The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) released a document in October last year detailing the progress on its ambitious 100GW of solar by 2022 target, which contained an update on the various schemes and projects that formed part of this target.


As of the end of 29 September, projects commissioned totalled 4,262 MW of solar energy. Among the states leading the pack with more than 100 MW of energy installed were Rajasthan with 1,174 MW, Gujarat with 1,000 MW, Madhya Pradesh with 649 MW, Maharashtra with 379 MW, Andhra Pradesh with 279 MW, Punjab with 200 MW and Tamil Nadu with 158 MW.



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The report suggests that states in Northern India are way ahead of their Southern counterparts. However, the South is soon catching up with more projects going online. All these developments are to be seen in the light of the consultancy firm Bridge to India releasing a Solar Map that reveals how the country is soon to see a massive jump in solar installations, with Southern states leading the way in 2016 as the 8.7GW currently under development coming online.


The new-found dominance of the Southern states is reflected in MNRE figures which set the amount of solar capacity commissioned by state policies in 2015-16 to 3,775MW. Tamil Nadu is the state expected to commission the highest capacity at 1,214MW, followed by Telangana at 1,116MW, Madhya Pradesh at 432MW and Andhra Pradesh at 350MW.


The Indian Government’s policies add an additional 570MW to the target, bringing it to a total of 4,345MW to be commissioned in 2015-16.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged state governments on Twitter to work on solar policy frameworks to facilitate implementation of solar projects , with regards to the development of ultra-mega solar power parks in 17 Indian states. After reviewing national solar projects including solar parks, he was quick to take to Twitter in a bid to encourage and hasten the nation’s solar power plans.


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