An interesting new model is coming up in the solar power space, where power companies are renting rooftops out from owners and offering cheap solar power in return. Commercial and industrial establishments, malls and large gated communities are the prospective targets for these companies who are offering to do solar rooftop installations for free and selling power at lower rates than the standard ones.

According to people in the industry, around 240 sq. mt. Is adequate space to set up a solar rooftop plant that can be used to generate power and earn reasonable profits. A bunch of companies have already forayed into the space and are on the lookout for rooftop spaces in commercial buildings, malls and industrial complexes.

About 8 sq. mt. of space is required to install panels for generating 1 kw of power and at least 30 kw of capacity makes any installation viable. The power thus generated helps the owners reduce their costs while making use of the rooftop which would otherwise remain idle. However, lease agreements didn’t exist and there was no way to make a binding agreement between the solar company and the rooftop owner either. This was one of the primary factors posing an obstacle in the takeoff of large scale rooftop solar installations.


Source: The Hindu Businessline

With the cost of solar PV cells declining rapidly, the cost of solar power has also decreased. Moreover, solar power doesn’t suffer from power cut issues or expensive power, as rooftop owners enter into long-term contracts for buying power at a low cost. While this model may have limitations for gated communities, a standard and legally binding contract for this model should eventually see rooftop installations even on residential buildings.

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