Successful solar installations can be tricky, especially if done for the first time. A leaky, damaged roof can ruin your solar power plans for good. Here are the most common solar installation problems you want to be wary of:

1. Mismatch between solar installation’s and the roof’s life: Installing a solar panel that lasts for 20 years on your rooftop not built to last for more than 10 is naturally going to be a problem. Always ensure there is harmony in this regard by opting for roof systems that lost longer or can be extended in terms of their shelf life

2. Not having a maintenance plan in place: When it comes to solar installation issues, there are plenty of them. When getting a new installation, its effect on the roof system must be studied carefully. A robust maintenance and inspection plan will help you get rid of issues way ahead of time. Regular servicing of your rooftop solar installation will prove why prevention is better than cure.

3. Mismatch between rooftop design and installation plan: When choosing a rooftop system for solar power installation, always keep in mind solar panels work the best under certain conditions and need a rooftop that complement them. Design compatibility issues need to be looked into carefully before any installation

4. Drainage issues: If you fail to understand the flow of water in relation to your rooftop, you will likely face drainage issues. A sturdy roof system will help drain water away from your roof. If water is forced to flow in the wrong direction, leakage could arise. And don’t rely on repairs, since these are pretty tricky with solar installations



With these basic pointers, you’ll be good to go for getting a solar installation for your rooftop. For more help with your solar panel installations, get in touch with us today.

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