When people decide to get solar panel installations for their homes, a common concern arising is that of the roof. It is difficult for most of us to judge if our existing roofs are capable of accommodating a full-fledged solar system. Questions about the roof’s strength, design, make and capacity need not give you sleepless nights anymore. Let’s try to allay your fears and help you with getting just the right rooftop, in case you don’t already have one.

While solar panels can be installed at various spots, the roof is the most common and favoured location for the purpose. If your roof is in bad shape or has been around for a long time, we suggest getting it replaced before the installation. This also makes perfect financial sense as opposed to reinstalling panels whenever your roof starts to wear out.

Interestingly enough, once the panels are in place, they protect the roof from damage by the rain, sun, hail et al. In the unbearable summer heat, you will thank your solar panel for keeping your house cool. They can be installed on practically any kind of roof, with the strength of the roof being the more important consideration. Commonly found rooftops consist of composite or tiles. If you have a single-plane roof, then you are lucky since these are not complex to work with.


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So now you know why worrying about your rooftop is futile since the look, on a whole counts more than new or old deals.

Always go for a licensed rooftop solar panel contractor, who will be best able to help you deal with roofs and solar power. For more information on getting solar panels for your home, get in touch with us today and have all your questions answered!



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